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OPI was one of the first in the nail industry to focus on and limit sales of product to and through beauty professionals only. OPI has a strong commitment to quality for every product they sell everyday. 

Nail Tek

Voted "BEST NATURAL NAIL TREATMENT" by Salon Professionals.

These items shown here, plus many more Nail Tek formulas, will make your nails their prettiest, their strongest, their healthiest, and keep them that way!

Ogden at Cress Creek

This location is no longer open.

You can find all of its staff at

15 S. Naper Blvd. Naperville 60540.






Naper Blvd at Chicago

15 S. Naper Blvd.
Naperville, IL 60540

Monday - Thursday, 9am - 9pm
Friday, 8:30am - 5pm
Saturday, 8am - 4pm
Sunday, closed
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